Nitto M-1B Front Rack
Nitto M-1B Front Rack
Nitto M-1B Front Rack
Nitto M-1B Front Rack
Nitto M-1B Front Rack

Nitto M-1B Front Rack

Blue Lug
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You can agree that Nitto makes the best bike components. Period.

We love the M-1 rack, a.k.a. the Mark Rack designed by Rivendell.
But we always had a slight trouble when we wanted to install the racks to bikes that have the rack eyelet on the very bottom of the fork blades, such as the Surly Disc Trucker, LHT, etc. (No disrespect to Rivendell, we love them)

So we talked to Nitto and they were nice enough to make the Blue Lug version of the Mark Rack with longer struts. The "B" for M-1B is for Blue Lug.

You may think these look exactly the same with the M-18 front rack from Nitto, but the M-1 rack is able to have 4 struts to fix on your bike. It's stronger, so basket packing would be safer.

Another special thing about the rack, is that it has two dynamo light mounts on both left and right side.

Beautiful welds as usual and beautiful dull bright finish like how it is supposed to be.

*Note* NOT including a bolt to fix M-1B on your fork crown. We have the bolt set to do that. Or you can buy it at your local hardware stores as well.
We recommend getting the Nitto straight struts if you want to install the rack on the Surly Long Haul Trucker and Disc Trucker.